For 26 years, Jim and Debbie Hayes have offered and sold real estate on the premier water ski lakes in Arizona. In 1990, they developed one of the leading lake properties in Arizona known as Lakeside Ski Village. Located just one hour southwest of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Lakeside Ski Village is a community of 21 homes sites on 2 private water ski lakes. The total property is approximately 57.75 acres and the 2 lakes are approximately 13 acres each. It is the only private lake community in Arizona that offers a full time caretaker, gasoline, ice and propane on site for owners’ convenience. Jim and Debbie sold all 21 lots new in 1990 and have re-sold 27 properties over the last 26 years. Known for the great water conditions, this is both a competitive water ski lake and a lake where families and friends can just gather for a leisure day of water sports. If you want to create memories with your family that will last a lifetime, contact Debbie and she will show you how you can own your own piece of paradise in the desert.


Having developed one of the most premier water ski lakes in Arizona, Jim and Debbie know not only how to develop, but more important, how to market real estate on lake developments in Arizona. For more information, contact Jim or Debbie.


Having been around water ski lakes for over 26 years, if you’re going to build a home on a water ski lake, contact Debbie who has helped to design and build homes on properties that will enhance your water front living experience.


Having been in the Marine business for over 25 years, Jim has towed hundreds of boats nationwide. If you have a boat that needs to be towed somewhere permanently, or just for the season, call Jim. He’s prepared, dependable and always on time. But most of all he knows boats. So contact Jim for your next boat hauling job.


During their 25 years in the Marine industry, Jim and Debbie have accomplished some of the highest awards for customer service. As a MasterCraft dealer, they were number one in the world for many years and always number on in the western region. Let them teach you what it takes to improve your customer service. Learn just a few service related items that will change your service business and guaranteed to increase sales in your service department. Here’s a few teasers: a) Static Cling Service Tags that show the hours your boat was last serviced and when it’s due again….similiar to the car industry, however, this is hardly ever done in the marine industry. b) hide-a-key for your customer…when you deliver a new boat to your customer, have the service department hide a spare key for your customer. You know how many times customers get to the lake and don’t have their boat key, but when they call you, you can remind them of the hidden key you put in their boat for them and you will save the day. c) Teach your customers to “schedule” their service…for some reason, people think they can just drop off their boat for service without an appointment. When you allow this, all it does is clog up your service department and leave customers upset because after 2 weeks, you haven’t touched their boat yet. They get this idea from the auto industry where they have 25-30 technicians everyday working on cars. In the marine industry, we don’t have the luxury of having that many technicians working every day, so insist that your customers call for an appointment. That way, you’ll be expecting their boat, your technician will do the work, your customer will get back their boat in a reasonable time and your customers will be happy. These are just a few examples………we have many more. Call Jim today and get started in the Marine Consultation program that will change your dealership’s service department forever. You’ll have a great CSI, happy customers and we guarantee your service department revenue will increase, or your money back!!